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Congrats to the following dancers selected to perform in the CDF Youth Ensemble:

Kelsey Aylward, CC&Co. Youth Ensemble
Zoe Flowers, CC&Co. Youth Ensemble
Krysta Rogden, CC&Co. Youth Ensemble
Ciauri Watson, NWSA
Caroline Rogers, Lake Norman Charter School

Karis Watson, Masterpiece Studios

Mykelanne Madonna, Masterpiece Studios

Savannah Stainback, Masterpiece Studios

Anna Fijan, Masterpiece Studios

Kelly Monette, Masterpiece Studios

Ashlyn Pawlish, Step South Dance

Emma LoPinto, Step South Dance

The CDF Youth Ensemble is comprised of students who are participating in CEDA.  They have the unique opportunity to work with DA White to create a hip-hop work, which they will perform on the CEDA program.

DA White

D.A. fell in love with sounds of life before he lost his hearing at age 1. Thankfully, that one year kept him from losing his speech. Throughout his childhood he worked with several speech therapists to continue developing what abilities he had. In 2007, he underwent cochlear implant surgery and it dramatically changed his life. With a rekindled passion to be in touch with the sounds of life, he began to celebrate his abilities through dance. From the young age of 15, he has danced with many dance troupes, trained under highly skilled mentors, and traveled around the world. D.A.'s story is one of great challenge and triumph, and he has dedicated his life to inspiring people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to fall in love with the sounds of life through dance. As he continues to grow his career in the dance industry, D.A. is now emerging into creative direction and production for videos and stage performances.

Karis Watson Masterpiece Studios
Mykelanne Madonna Masterpiece Studios
Savannah Stainback Masterpiece Studios
Anna Fijan Masterpiece Studios
Kelly Monette Masterpiece Studios
Ashlyn Pawlish Step South Dance
Emma LoPinto Step South Dance
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