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We are looking for sponsors who wish to show their support for Charlotte’s cultural community and promote their business.


To maintain simplicity, we have one sponsorship level at $250.   You will receive the following benefits with your sponsorship:

  •          Logo on our website with hyperlink to your business’s website.

  •          Promotion as a sponsor on our newsletter for the entire year.

  •          Promotion on our social media.

  •          Recognition during the curtain speech at all performances.

  •          Optional: Information table to sell products, services or share information. 

Location for all Events: Charlotte Ballet

March 11 at 8pm

CDF Gala

March 12 at 6pm

CDF Youth Gala

Audience Demographics

Attendees: 1,000+                                   
Age Range: 12 – 55

Average Household Income: $80,000 - $125,000

Interests: arts, health, physical fitness and body wellness


You can pay through Paypal at the link above or with a check by contacting


Thank you in advance for your support!

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