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2020 Applications & Guidelines

March 27-28, 2020
Technical Rehearsals: Friday, March 27, 12pm - 6pm
Performance Time: Saturday, March 28, 7:00pm
Patricia McBride and Jean Pierre Bonnefoux Center for Dance

701 N. Tryon Street

Application Deadline: September 30, 2019
Notification: October 31, 2020


$150 - $500 

The honorarium is determined by travel distance based on what your company's/individual's location is on the application.  It is also determined based on number of dancers in the work and the adjudicators scoring.

Teaching Opportunities

Selected performers will have the opportunity to teach in the Youth Gala Event during the weekend for additional teacher pay.


All dance styles are welcome to apply.

Application Requirements

Choreographers must be working as a professional.  The majority of the dancers need to be professional or in college.


Video Links


- TEST your video link before submissions that they work

- Video ONLY of the work that you are submitting and not a timestamp to search within a 2 hour video

- If your video submission does not compile with these criteria, you will receive an email and possibly a short turn around time to send the proper link or your application will not be viewed by the adjudication panel.

Selection Process

- 2 Adjudicators review the video submissions and score them on Choreography (50 pts), Dancers' Technique & Performance (30 pts.) and Professional Technical Elements (costuming, props that relate to the choreography, 10 pts)

- Submissions are then ranked and Caroline Calouche, Festival Director, selects the program.  She factors in what will be marketable and enjoyable to the Charlotte audience and creating a diverse program.  

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